My Favorite Place to Make Money and Why It Matters.

By far my most favorite place to work is in my local Starbucks.

There is something about the smell, the studious environment and the overall ambience that they have there.

Starbucks is set up for computer nerds, and anyone who needs to use technology.

It’s a great place to meet clients and it provides a fantastic opportunity to sit and watch the “traffic” go by or just to sit and relax in a living room type of environment.

Blogging, as much as I love it, can be a lonely job.

It’s lonely work where you generally work with the words in your head and occasionally have a conversation with others who are doing similar things in life as you.

Being able to talk to others online through Facebook, snapchat or twitter are all nice and fun but when it comes down to it, being in the presence of real humans is by far something that we all must need at a very innate level.


Humans are social animals.

It’s in our genes.

We are not meant to be isolated and content with it except for during certain times in life.

Even the most tribal of all people follow this basic principal of social animals.  They seek each other for support.

At it’s most instinctual level it’s for finding help getting food and reproduction.

There is power in number in all things in life.  Even as a lone blogger, I get inspired by the people I see, hear and yes even sometimes smell at Starbucks.

Our sensory experience to the world is what makes us better writers and bloggers because we can tap into that and share it with others as we write.

It makes us more real.

Trust me, I’ve tried to be completely alone and have sworn off all contact with humans because I was pissed at the world for being so negative.

What a dummy I was.

I was do the very thing that I hated about humans.  I had slipped and became one…probably a creepy one.

I think we all have an innate sense of when someone is in an isolation phase.

Just like animals who find quiet places to get through pain and fear, humans do the exact same thing.

We seek isolation and quiet places when we become fearful and overwhelmed.  Our bodies seek places where senses are minimal and all we deal with is what is in our heads and hopefully we recover or ailments by giving them such a drastic amount of laser focus.


It’s a place of inspiration. A place to get out and change my normal environment.

It’s a place I can be a spectator of the human animal and yet feel the connection as we all sit back and enjoy a study session on the wood grain tables with the distinct smell of warm coffee diffusing through the atmosphere.

Yeah..sure, I can set up my home to be something similar but inspiration does not come from stagnant waters and I want to make waves.

Starbucks is one of the things that helps me make more waves.

Try changing your environment every now and then, and make sure you are surrounded with something opposite of what you normally are surrounded by.

Always working in the city?

Try the woods.

Always in your kitchen?

Try a busy little coffee shop.

Open up and expand your experiences in life and you may surprised at how beneficial it will be to you on multiple levels.

Why Blogging Has to Be a Giving Sport

I’m going to write this article with a little bit of irony.

The irony is that I am writing this because I need some clarity on why I choose to blog for a living and why I muster up energy each day to continue to put more energy into my blogging.  In a way, it’s a selfish entry but sharing it with you, my reader makes it less selfish and allows us both to learn the “why blog” together.

I generally don’t talk much about blogging except in my blog so to try and shift focus on blogging for me versus blogging for you is going to be a challenge.

Now you might be saying, “But it’s your blog, why do you need to worry about what the readers think?”

Blogging for a living requires that you take your readers into consideration.

If you fail to do so, the act of blogging is more of a journaling exercise and ultimately is only of interest (momentarily) to you and your own psyche.

When you take into consideration who is reading your blog and what they may need in order to benefit from readin your blog, you take a bit of a different approach.

Trust me, although you may think you are interesting and what happens in your life is a story worthy of reading, the only person who really loves it is probably you.

Blog readers love good stories but they also love getting knowledge and gaining new skills.

The best blogs out there that people make a good living at are the ones that provide value to their readers and aren’t long rants about how life sucks or ways to get rich.

Those things, although they have their place at times, are not something that will bring a reader back to read your blog.

Blogs take time and they need to stimulate the readers mind along with stimulating their visual senses.

As a matter of a fact the more senses you can engage within a piece of your writing, the more response and willingness to return you will likely have.

It’s a proven marketing tactic that has worked for ages.

Sensory engagement is another way in which you impact the emotion and decisions of your readers.  The more sense you touch, the more likely it is that you will have a better following.

I’m writing today because I was listening to DJ Demarco on my way to work and he speaks a lot about the Fast-lane and how millionaires have made their way to their “overnight” success.

(It is never an overnight occurrence)

In order to “step outside the box” of mediocrity, you have to be willing to do what no one else is doing.

If that means spending long hours adding enticing photos to your blog, and solving problems that blog readers have, then that is what you have to do.

Blogs about how happy you are and photos that you love are great, but they won’t get the money tree shaking anytime soon.

When you take your blog reader into mind, you let go of the idea that you can “do what you love” and make money from it and you change your thinking into “What do my readers need? What can they benefit from?”

Coupon sites are prime examples of great blogs that provide value.

If you want to have a site about family photos, then you need to offer tutorials and studies or projects on what to do with family photos rather than just sharing what good ones look like.

Sharing things from pinterest are only as good as the photos are and then they can be worth so much more if you offer instructions on “how to” projects.

You want people to be engaged with what you write and spend time on your site.

You need to build a relationship and just like in real life, relationships require time and well thought out interactions in order to be successful.

Blogging is a act of time.   If you provide real value to your readers on a consistent basis, it will eventually pay off. But if you blog in a frenzy and just to make money, you will not be taking the true needs of your blog readers into mind and they will get bored and leave you.

Don’t be a boring blogger.  Build your base. Network and get out there and share your knowledge with the world.

There’s no reason you can’t get rich blogging, but don’t go into it blind.

Find out what your readers need and then provide it for them.

The Best Office in the World

Let’s talk about the benefits of blogging.

Personally, I never thought I would be making blogs, but I’m glad that I do.

Blogging allows you to journal in some respects, learn about different types of technical things, stay in tune with pop culture and it allows you to commit to being a lifetime learner.

Lifetime learning is one of the keys to living a more successful life… least the type of life that I want to live in.

Every one that I have met through blogging have been some of the most amazing people I have come across in a long while.

The blogging community in general is filled with very enthusiastic and supportive people.

When you start to get serious about blogging there will come a time when you create a habit of blogging each day for the same blog.

When you do this, changing your work environment is one of the things that you should do.

A change of scenery can help you come up with ideas for your blogs.